The Top Action Cameras in 2016

  • Action cameras introduction
  • What are the top cameras
  • Why are they the best cameras

Action cameras in 2016 have come a long way in the past few years. Never before have action cameras flourished than this year. With many brands now entering the competition, consumers now have a healthy choice when shopping for one. With the rise of market demand, so does the market supply, and with this, we see an influx of different action cameras available in the market, each with its own new features to bring to the table. This is why we will list down some of the best action cameras in 2016 below.

  1. GoPro Hero4 Black – Undoubtedly the best camera out in the market today. The Hero4 Black is renowned for the quality of the videos it produces. GoPro went nuts with this model as it seems to epitomize everything you want from an action camera, well maybe except for the price as it is fairly expensive.
  2. TomTom Bandit – It has user friendly editing features. Its shake to edit features is one of a kind. It is also easy to mount.
  3. Olympus TG-Tracker – It has built-in sensors which is basically its unique feature. It can measure the temperature of the surrounding as well as the atmospheric pressure. How cool is that?
  4. Olfi – It is a relatively new brand but it doesn’t disappoint. This rugged action camera has a lot of video options which is a plus. It is regarded as an all around action camera. Plus, it’s not that expensive too!
  5. Garmin Virb XE – It has a built-in GPS and motion sensor in it. It has excellent video quality capabilities; only second to GoPro and you don’t need an additional case for the camera to become waterproof.

These 5 action cameras are highly regarded as the best action cameras available in the market today. So, if you are shopping for one, you can never go wrong with any of the choices above.