Sleeklens Lightroom Workflow Review

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Adobe Lightroom is the most used post processing software in the world today. Many hobbyists and professionals use it because of its non-destructive way of editing photos. Professionals like it as well because they can archive their photos and improve the efficiency of their workflow. Through the use of presets and brushes, professional photographers can improve their time of finishing the edits in a photo or a batch of photos. These workflow improvements are a welcome feature for professional photographers who want to increase their income. That is because, the more photos they can process, the more income they generate.


One of the best sites to get these Lightroom workflow resources is Sleeklens reviews for workflows are sterling, saying that there are professionally made. I’m going to give my take on it below.

  1. The presets were quite impressive. I’ve tried all the presets I could get my hands on and found some that are not usable. The good news is though, there were only a few presets that were not usable and the others were quite surprising. The usable presets brought about a mood that I wasn’t expecting. I tried applying them in other photos and was very pleased with the effects.
  2. I never got used to using the brushes in Lightroom, but when I tried to use the brush presets that Sleeklens had, I found it quite useful. Who knew there was a very good tool hiding in Lightroom? Now I wish that I used brushes more often.

In conclusion, the Sleeklens reviews for workflows I found on the internet are true. Their workflow resources are truly very useful. As a person who really doesn’t prefer to use presets, I found it quite impressive that their presets are almost similar to my taste. They are also quite surprising and bring about a different interpretation of the photo. So if I were you, I’d try them out. It just might change your mind about presets. It did for me!